I discovered De la Crotche's work as I wrote my thesis about primitive operating systems at Starfleet Academy. I found the many references to the ancient Earth encyclopedia Wikipedia particularly interesting. I can only recommend these articles.

Philipp Fernandez / Starbase Trinity Core – SD 59002.43

Don't know De la Crotche. Have you guys seen his picture? Isn't he cute? Didn't know people were still wearing such fancy clothes in the 21st century on Earth.

Moonset / Dahkur, Bajor – SD 59008.97

The dogmatic 21st-century Earth scientific literature is boring and unproductive. I personally find inappropriate the repeated criticism of capitalism, which was the best economic system from all times on Earth.

Naeg / Ferenginar – SD 59012.28

It is not "dogmatic", but it is not scientific either.

T'Vel / U.S.S. Challenger – SD 59018.06

T'Vel's assertion is correct. The writings from Earth 21st century by Agnelo de la Crotche obviously lack scientific interest. A proposal to move them from the computer science to the poetry database has been issued by a committee of Vulcan experts. Here's the link for those who are interested: shikahr~Academy~~prspl987|AF89:SD58763.69.

Pralik / Shi Kahr Academy, Vulcan – SD 59018.30

Naeg, ADLC's articles are a great source of information, – although you're right about the annoying ideological song. However, remember rule of acquisition #74: Knowledge equals profit! Looked at from that angle, ADLC's writings are profitable. Only Vulcans could come to such a stupid idea to take them away.

Crog / aboard Nunk's Marauder – SD 59019.78

I guess De la Crotche retired on Risa, married a Nuvian and spent the rest of his life writing erotic poetry.

Swanny / Starbase 74 – SD 59022.98

Careful people! Swanny's signature doesn't come from Starbase 74!
I found an entry about Agnelo de la Crotche in a movie database from Earth 20st century. He's referred as the "man who killed Jimmy Cob" (?), but no further info available.

Richard Effenberg / Starbase 32 – SD 59022.99

This is NOT the same De la Crotche! And learn to read subspace signatures before scanning others and accusing people of cheating! Because I am on Starbase 74... and pretty bored to be perfectly honest!

Swanny / Starbase 74 – SD 59023.01

Who is Jimmy Cob?

Moonset / Dahkur, Bajor – SD 59026.33

Sorry, Swanny! That's true. She is on Starbase 74. Still nothing about Jimmy Cob.

Richard Effenberg / Starbase 32 – SD 59027.12

I studied De la Crotche's writings at StarFleet Academy too. His introduction to Unix-like operating systems doesn't bring anything more than many other books. As a cadet, you're suppose to know Unix basics anyway. However, he often mentioned an extinct operating system and, if I remember correctly, the title was: Kick Windows out the door. So with my team, we tried to learn more about Windows, but the files were classified, because of a contract they made on Earth in the 20th century. The use of this operating system is discouraged but cannot be forbidden until year 2401, by the Gregorian calendar, which is 19 years from today. We found some specimens, guess where? On Ferenginar. We took that operating system apart in one night. So funny! And that should be taught in Starfleet Academy as an example of operating system design you should never follow. Memory units, called "drives", were referred by letters of the English alphabet starting by C. I got the giggles of my life trying to explain that to a Bejoran.

Isa Tonnelier / Earth – SD 59030.83

Kick Windows out the door! Ha! ha! ha! Only humans can think of such a hilariously funny title.

Bag of Qagh / SD 59035.72

J'en profite de vous presenter mes meilleurs voeux 2007 à toutes et tous ! Et en particulier a mon ami du pacifique , Corina , Moumousse , Bergamote et bien sur ma voisine preférée.
j'espere ne pas trop vous deranger.
à tres vite .........

Betty Bopp 29 / Finistere – January 22nd, 2007

Ici , nous sommes invitées au voyage planétaire , voisine , et malgré nos windows. Je suis partante, les élections ont entraîné un cahot infernal , un climat tropical a chassé notre cher crachin. Je m'en vais , accrochée à ma souris- pilote. Viens aussi.

Christiane Jaouen / Breizh- Goz – January 22nd, 2007

Le « cahot » ... c'est les secousses de la charrette de l'Ankou sur les pierres. En ce qui concerne les élections sur Terre, il s'agirait plutôt du « chaos ».

ADLC / Suraya Bay, Risa – NTS*

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